Fibreglass Pool Builder: Central Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley

Why choose a Vogue Pools fibreglass pool shell?

The most critical single component in any fibreglass swimming pool project is the actual pool shell itself.

Installing a swimming pool is a long-term investment – the selection of a superior quality pool shell is an important decision that you need to get right to avoid potential problems in the future. Not all pool shells are equal!

Vogue Pools proudly uses Leisure Pools Composite Armour TM fibreglass pool shells – the most advanced fibreglass shell and the best composite swimming pool in the world.

So how are Leisure Pools shells different from other fibreglass pool shells?

  • Patented Composite Armour TM Core
  • Patented Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction
  • Exceptional Quality Control

Patented Composite Armour TM Core

This patented technology significantly reinforces your fibreglass pool shell – a laminated layer of DuPont, Kevlar, Carbon Fibre and Basalt Fibre is an additional layer within the core of the shell. This gives Leisure Pools shells superior flexural and tensile strength.

Why is this important?

In Australia, with changing weather conditions, we are exposed to great extremes of weather from floods one year to droughts the next. As a result, when we have periods of rain or floods, the ground swells and when we have periods of dry weather or drought, the ground contracts - so anything installed in the ground is exposed to these extremes of ground movement.

Leisure Pools Composite Armour TM Core of Strength construction coupled with full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction provides additional flexural and tensile strength properties that better withstand these ground movement changes.